2020 Is The Hottest Year of Sweden History

2020 is the hottest year of Sweden ever since 160 years ago records start average.
Since the record started 160 years ago, the average temperature of Sweden of this year recorded the highest. Even a shrill chill will not be enough to break the record during this Christmas.

The average temperature of this year, 7.5C, is 0.5C greater than the previous highest temperature measured in 2014.

Eric Kejelstrom, the Professor of Meteorology at the Swedish National Meteorological agency SMHI, said to TT Newswire;

“It is somewhat a global alert situation.”

The other week’s report stated that 2020 would be one of the two hottest years worldwide. WMO (World Meteorological Organization) presented it.

There was a little cool weather than generally in May and July.

He further said that;

”There was nothing good related to the news that are connected to weather changes.”

In all over Sweden, SMHI worked out to gather data from its 35 weather stations. The SMHI has collected data available from the 1860s.

The average temperature was 3 degrees above the normal in Kalix and Gävle, North Dalarna, and Lake Hjelmarin.

But we are hoping for the cool days and soon they will be.

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