Which European countries are included in the EU’s list of ‘Dark Red Zones’ for COVID-19?

The European Union (EU) has planned additional travel bans on Europe zones with a high rate of covid-19 contagion. Here are the countries included in it;

With the increase rate of CWD-19 infection around Europe, the EU enforced to present integrated travel restrictions for migrants within the EU.

According to the Local report;

There is a statement by EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen for the suggestion to make the list of Europe zones with high contagion rates as “dark red zones”.

“People travelling from dark red zones must have to do a test before departure, as well as to undergo quarantine after arrival. This is within the European Union,” she said.

He further stated;

“The travellers of deep red zones have to undergo a test before they leave and isolate themselves after entrance. It is in the EU”.

The commission report stated;

To present the new deep red category, in parts where the bug is spreading at a very high rate, there is a need to introduce more contagious forms of infectious concern.”

However, the certified map has not yet been printed. However, the European Centers will develop it for Disease Control and Prevention.

The European Union administration opposes border closings and rather than proposes tightening limitations in areas with an infection rate of up to 500 per 100,000 people.

Moreover, the shared plan and communal vision for relative and non-discriminatory limitations still need to lead our hard work.

What is the more needed perspective of the new changes?

It is a joint European effort to further harmonize and discourage unnecessary travel.

Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders said;

‘’There will be no benefit from closing the border. We need joint measures.’’

But, by Tuesday, January 26, the rate in Sweden had let fall below the verge to 479/100,000.

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