Sweden schools agency call off national spring papers

The national education agency of Sweden announced to call off the national exams for the 2021 spring term. This announcement is due to the Covid-19 effect on the education sector.

According to Anna Ekström on Tuesday;

”This cancellation was not necessary, but was mandatory.”

The education minister stated that the teachers and students need a gap to concentrate in spring. The education system is badly affected by a coronavirus.

The Swedish national test contains maths, Swedish, and English subjects. All grade 3, 6, 9, and higher secondary school students can participate in it.

Now the school agency calls off all these tests except the grade 3 Swedish and math test. However, the teachers do not need to prepare the results of these tests.

According to the general director of Skolverket, Peter Fredriksson;

The primary purpose of the national tests is to judge the student’s learning from the teaching duration. But this year, teaching has also been affected as the teachers and students are ill.

He further said that;

”It is also not possible for us to conduct the tests during such epidemic.”

On the other side, the school of Sweden under 16 grade did not cut off the online classes at the national level. But the separate schools are free to close their studies. Some students and teachers are sick and unable to attend the classes.

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