Peter Eriksson Resigns

The MIDC (Minister for International Development Cooperation) Peter Eriksson (MP) resigns.
Thursday morning, hopefully, this announcement will be made at a press conference.

Ericsson was appointed as Green Party’s male spokesman in 2002-2001. He also worked as the Member of Parliament, European Parliamentarian, and Minister for Housing and Digitalization. Peter Eriksson has a long political career behind him.

He leaves the government after only half a term. His time as Minister for Development Aid was short. He made numerous decisions that did not surprisingly combine Supportable Progress, Sex Equality, and Growth Aid in the last two years.

Yet, another notable decision during his time related to the continual fight in Belarus.

While freezing the relief scheme of Sweden in Belarus, Peter mentioned that;

”The management of Sweden help the opposition and civic people in the state.”

The government also enforced the ex-Minister of Development relief to wage some sudden political fights. Such as against the Republicans’ offer of Christian to use the progress relief budget to form jails out of the country.

It is not clear what for the 62-year-old Peter good rather than sitting on the government benches.

Currently, he does not have any other political seat.

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