Why do Germans like Sweden?

The German travellers and emigrants are quickly moving to Sweden. On the other hand, in Germany, the Swedish lifestyle is being liked. However, there is a particular word for Sweden’s lifestyle. 

The Tillväxtverket, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, reported that;

In 2012, German visitors stayed more than three million nights in Sweden. In the next five years, up to half a million people stayed there. Moreover, in 2017, Germany was the second most communal country that’s tourists stayed in Sweden. 

Interest in everything German became so strong that it even warned Swedish authorities to steal warning signs from German tourists on Swedish roads many years ago.

Several Germans seem to have settled permanently and moved to Sweden.

Statistics Sweden reported that;

In 2017, 50,863 German-born people were occupants in Sweden.

In this way, Germany was the 5th European nation having most migrants in Sweden. 

Sweden’s positive outlook in Germany is so broad. There is a particular phrase for it: Blurby Syndrome or BlurB Syndrome in Germany.

According to a Charlotte Seller-Barela; 

“Bilberry syndrome mentions that Germans realize Sweden as a very romantic country.” “They perceive it as a natural origin palace, in which everything is constant and recovering.” He is a German lecturer at Stockholm University.

Seiler-Brylla stated;

A German TV series is also known as Inga Lindström”. 

“It’s set in an imaginary Sweden, with mainly good aspects and lots of beautiful imagery.

Several Germans think that they are spending their holidays in Sweden due to the romantic image.

Yet, German travellers are also interested in the possibility of a deeper aspect of Sweden. 

Germany has long been hungry for spy fiction. 

It contained some of the initial instances of current crime fiction by E.T.A. Hoffmann and Frederick Schiller.

Nowadays, Swedish novels like Stag Larsen and Major Jejwal are in bookstores worldwide, and not smallest in Germany, that can arouse interest in their country source.

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