Why is Zlatan investing in the Stockholm football team?

Club announced on Wednesday;

”Zlatan Ibrahimovic had bought about a quarter of the shares in the Stockholm-based football team Hammarby.”

Gossip related to the footballer’s return to Sweden began when he published an image of Hammarby’s shirt with his name on social media.

The news is not well received by all, as Hammarby are rivals of Malmo FF, the club where Ibrahimovic started in 1999 as a professional footballer.

“These bridges are not burning. An atomic bomb has blown up the bridge and left behind a lonely and deep gorge.” Yeah, Malmö’s entirely calm with Zlatan participating in a Stockholm team, no sweat. 

Speaking to sports magazine Sportbladet, Ibrahimovic said;

 “He planned to help make Hammarby “the best in Scandinavia.”

In 2001, nearly two decades before, the club won the Swedish title only once.

Football reporter Lee Rodin told The Local;

“I don’t think it’s shocking that he selected Hammarby to finance if he was thinking of investment.”

“They have a very close relationship with the LA Galaxy where he was playing. So, his actions behind the scenes will be entirely accessible to him. And as he rightly pointed out, they have great potential. This is a calculated move in which Zlatan is shown, or advising him is given detailed attention. ”  

Recently Ibrahimovic plays for the LA Galaxy. But he has confirmed strategies to leave when his agreement expires at the end of this year.

Half of the shares held by American sports and entertainment firm Auschwitz Entertainment Group (AEG) in Hammarby have been bought.

While Ibrahimovic now owns just under 24% shares and AEG also owns LA Galaxy, and had 47% of the total shares in Hammurabi.

According to Ibrahimovic;

“He is focusing on working with football from varied angles. Not just on the pitch. He also confirmed that he would not be playing for Hammurabi.

He told Sportbladet;

”His current affiliation with AEG and his relationship with Sweden meant it was impossible to deny the opportunity.”

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