Stockholm Has Not Seen The Sunlight All Month For A Single Hour

December’s official measurements stated that many parts of the country, including the capital, Stockholm, did not see an hour of sunlight.

The tweet of Meteorologist Ulrika Elvgren stated that;

”This month all devices remained unable to detect any sunlight in Stockholm, Karlstad, Tarfala Valley in Kiruna, and Northern Cape of Öland.”

Generally, in Sweden, November’s grey, cloudy weather changes into the crisp coolness and clearer December skies. But this year, in many places, that hasn’t happened.

According to Aftonbladet;

“About two weeks ago, on November 28, in Stockholm, sunlight was measured last time. And it was November 27 in Karlstad.”

Both cities are in the southern part of Sweden.

The time of year, when the sun never rises, there will soon be a polar night in the north.
Kiruna is the most northern city in the country. This city cannot see the sunshine from December 10 to New Year’s Day.

The sun has already set for the last time this year, in Treriksröset, which is the country’s most northern point.

It is not uncommon for southern cities to experience this whole month of December without hours of sunshine.

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