The statue of Zalmatan lost its nose in the recent demolition of Malmo.

The statue of Zalmatan Ibrahimovic lost some prominent features in the recent demolition of Malmo attacked by criminals.

According to SVT media report;

Probably on early Sunday night Zlatan statue lost its nose. And the image was also enclosed in silver color. 

Ibrahimovic, a 38-year-old Swedish protester, made his qualified debut for Malm 20 years ago.

Sculptor Peter Linde requested people to stop damage.

Since October, during the presence of a popular footballer, this statue was victimized many times. 

There was also news about his 25% stake in Hemarby, who ended third in this year’s Swedish Finals.

In the last week of November, Zlatan proclaimed his investment in opposing team Hammarby. In this way, he annoyed numerous fans of his birthplace club Malmö FF.

Miscreants tried to set it on fire and wrote prejudiced drawings with it.

There was a try to see the legs of the statues.

But presently, it cut out its nose, and silver has been sprinkled on the brass statue.

Fans quickly compared the vandalized face to Harry Potter villain Voldemort – whose nose is completely flat.

In December, there was also a paint dispensed over the statue and a foot sawn off.

There was also an inflamed fish outside his house with the remark, “You smell bad!”

However, this new occurrence adds it to the list of chomping attacks against the Zlatan statue.

On this Sunday, Police declared;

“They would inspect this new incident of damage.”

We did not get any report about the incident. However, we are being informed that the citizens saw this damage. 

In talking to SVT, Katarina Rusin, a press spokesman for the police in the southern Sweden area, stated that;

“This morning, we will go on the spot for the investigation.”

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