Ten movies and a TV series supported me to understand Swedishness meanings.

Tomas Spragg Nilsson finalized his search for Swedish nationality. His crowdsourced pail list ‘Becoming Swedish.’ 

Here are the five movies and tv series that he watched. 

  1.  Vår tid är nu
  2.  Millennium trilogy
  3.  Tillsammans
  4.  Fucking Åmål
  5.  Den bästa sommaren

He will also rewatch them again in the future. He suggested others, to begin with, the following list if they did not watch any Swedish film or TV series in the past. After watching them move on advanced;


It’s impossible even to begin to summarise the ins-and-outs of this enormous series. Still, suppose you’ve ever seen any other soap opera. In that case, you can imagine the average plotline: struggles for power, love, loss, unwanted relatives, the reappearance of people you thought were dead — all mixed up with the occasional murder, theft, or drugs.

Just imagine Dallas but on a boat.

Nile City

It was a 6th part TV comedy series in the mid-90s. Nile city was on an affordable budget. However, it was not an especially achievable radio station held in a Stockholm fire station. The basic theme of the series was strange. Each character has his unique history. For example, a devious station director, a proletarian team member from Gothenburg, and a therapist in a velour tracksuit. Each episode begins to start with a bare-chested fireman presenting himself.


The films are trivial, play on typecasts, and full of awful witticisms. 

I think many Swedes are discouraged from thinking about movies with these dates – but I like them!

I hope I enjoy them because of the first experience. Now I can understand jokes in Swedish. It is like the first ladder in the language to know the humor and wordplay in Swedish. But it wasn’t good.

However, after watching movies for the first time, I also enjoyed quoting some of the more relevant conversation letters to friends and family members.

After understanding and adopting these notable cultural references, I felt pride for the social incorporation.


After watching only two movies, they started retelling me of the A-Team series. Each episode or movie consists of the same little parts of periodic sections. Team A has to prepare a specific machine from these scrap sections. They may also have to feed Mr. T. He is an intoxicated hamburger to hit him out whenever flat travel is needed.  

In Johnsson Ligan’s films, Skin always hits his head or makes sure that he always loses in the end, typically handling to save a little bit of it.

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