The coronavirus travel prohibition of Sweden stops international friendly in Stockholm.

An international friendly was going to be held in Stockholm. But now it will happen in Moscow as Sweden’s non-EU coronavirus travel ban.

According to the Swedish football association;

The next month’s play between Sweden and Russia will take place in Moscow. 

Recently Sweden put a traveling restriction on the people from the European Union or EEA countries to control the coronavirus threat.  

The FA secretary-general of Soudan Håkan Sjöstrand declared that;

“Unluckily, we have to travel for the match against Russia.” 

However, they still did not receive any answer from the government. They also sent a request on August 27th. 

He further said;

I am surpris why there is no permission for the elite footballer’s entry. 

He also criticized the strict international protocols that prime a little threat of contamination compared to other official occupations. 

The football federation of Russia supported a meeting that the match will be played in Moscow on October 8th. However, the place is still undecidable. 

The EU bans entry into Sweden from mid-March, according to the coronavirus commendations. However, it was updated many times. Presently it is on hold till October 31st but can also increase. 

On the other hand, some nations and some sort of travelers are not the part of this ban. 

There are no isolation instructions in Sweden for overseas visitors and no requirement for coronavirus negative tests.  

But all visitors must have to follow the anti-coronavirus rules and instructions. They have to maintain the social distance policy and avoid local transport such as rushing time.  

Border control is a national competency and there is not specific decision for it at the EU level. That’s why it’s declaration is officially not compulsory for the member states. However, Sweden usually acts upon the European Council’s commendations. 

All the above-discussed restrictions are for those who travel to Sweden, not from. 

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