How Sweden’s skiers are competing due to hot cold and lack of snow?

After a remarkably mild cold, blanket snowfalls in most parts of Sweden without January, making it difficult for ski resorts and forests and other areas known for cross-country skiing.

In Stockholm, Johnny Costmar works for the municipal sports branch and is in charge of ski tracks at Gardt and Stadion in the northern part of the capital.

He said;

“It’s awful. It’s scorching; there are no ski tracks in Stockholm. I haven’t had a winter like this in ten years of skiing.”

Along with fans of other winter sports, Customer is looking forward to the cold weather, but the current three-week forecast does not offer anything more promising than negative degrees on some nights. Southwesterly winds presented another challenge.

He explained;

“We are fully prepared to get started, and the staff is ready to ‘press the button. If it reaches the right temperature and conditions, we will go straight away because we want to start. “

In Ulricehamn, the crew had to close the cross-country ski track record early due to the heat. At the same time, Karlstad has no ready track due to the minor cold.

Not far from Norway, at a ski resort Vik in Arvika, organizers took advantage of a brief cold snap to open the resort in November, which has since been open thanks to artificial snow. At this time, only parts of the training tracks are open.

But even artificial snow needs a certain level of cold, and the trend is to shorter days that make available the exact circumstances.

In Toursby, Vermeland, cross country skiers can take advantage of the world’s lengthiest ski underpass and train indoors.

According to Anna Lindqvist, site manager at Torsby Ski Tunnel and Sports Centre;

“Luckily, we have an indoor cross-country skiing ground. The sports center has invested in a new artificial ice system, but we can’t produce ice at the moment because of the slight climate. The sports center has invested in a new artificial snow system, but we cannot produce snow at present.”

Organizers of the 90-kilometer cross-country ski race Vaslappet have concerns about being played every March.

John Erikson, head of development at Wassalappet, defined the condition as “enormously tense”. But it was delighted that a considerable portion of the course was covered in natural snow.

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