Joel Lundqvist appealed Against His Suspension

Last week, the team captain of Frölunda’s, Joel Lundqvist, pushed a referee. There was a lot of attention around a sequence in Freunda’s match against HV71.

He was not punished during the match. The next day, he was reported to the disciplinary board of the SIHA (Swedish Ice Hockey Association). The board selected him to suspend for five matches.

He appealed to the National Sports Board against his suspension. Now he is the first person to report against his suspension like a site Raka Pucker.

The registrar of the Swedish Sports Board also confirms that he submitted an appeal this afternoon. 

Joel Lundqvist confirmed that;

I have appealed to RIN against my verdict. I think the punishment of the disciplinary board is very severe. And I also want RIN to look at that for the revision of the decision.

He said on SVT Sport that Frölunda favors my decision to appeal.

The National Sports Board has not yet set a date for hearing when it will handle his case. Now the board is collecting evidence from the parties.

SHL suspension appeals are rare. There is also no restriction for the players to appeal against the decisions. But the clubs in the SHL have an agreement; they cannot file an appeal. 

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