Swedish public holidays: How to make the most of your annual leave in 2021 Sport

Want to stay away from work this year, or keep your fingers crossed for ease of travel restrictions? Here is how you can get work in Sweden. 

If you are working in Sweden before starting a public holiday, you should get several vacations a year.

According to law, companies should give full-time staff 25 days off, and many offer extra days and benefits. For example, most workers are entitled to at least four weeks off in June. If they choose in August, and you will be informed that Sweden’s major cities will be vacated in those months. What’s further, you can add up to an additional 25 (usually five per five years) in total from previous years. If the coronavirus epidemic means you didn’t use your full allowance in 2020, you perhaps have further days to use it in 2021.

But in these holiday days, there are many so-called ‘red days’ in the Nordic nation. You can have a long time using just a few days of your precious vacation by planning breaks around these public holidays. Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of it, and be aware of other factors as well.

Check your company’s approach to annual leave around public holidays

There are different companies offering a factual bonus half a day before public holidays. Although others oblige the workers to adjust the company’s work schedule before or after taking annual leave.

 Dates between public breaks called klämdagar, which means ‘squeezed days,’ for example, a Monday that falls between the weekend and the next Tuesday. Some employers offer these extra days off. These people are famous days to be away, meaning some businesses offer ‘first come, first served’ for these sought-after days.

It means that if you want to take time off, plan, but consider whether you want to spend some quiet days in the office. At the same time, your boss is on his way home after the national holiday. He lives in the summer; maybe save your annual vacation in the dark or frozen February.

If you work shifts or your company has a bargaining contract, you can charge extra pay working on public holidays. If the weekend turns red, some companies – but farthest – offer substitute weekends instead.

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