Sweden allows culture and sports events for up to 300 people

Sweden has an acceptable limit of 50 people for seated sports and cultural programs. It is openingthe way for theatrical performances, small games, concerts, and crowds of more than 300. At the same time, it has tightened limitations on nightclubs.

On Thursday evening, Swedish Sports and Culture Minister Amanda Lind declared the measure at a press talk;

In the field of culture and sports, the event organizers have expressed a desire to take on the responsibility of making precise arrangements. Now they have the opportunity to make it happen.”

The program organizers must confirm that all public members are sit down at least one meter apart, although both groups can sit together.

The new rules will take effect on November 1. 

At the same time, the government has imposed new limitations on nightclubs. That will limit the number of insiders to 50 at any given time.

According to Sweden’s prime minister Stefan Löfven;

“There was “no respect” for the medical staff working hard to treat coronavirus patients. It seems from the photos and videos of the jam-packed nightclub dance floors in recent weeks.”

He further stated;

“It’s the end of the party for nightclubs, and that’s how it’s going to be for however long it takes.”

“Nightclubs have reported too many times, a lot of shortages, and too many crowds. We’ve got health workers working day and night. And it’s no disgrace that at the same time, they have to open newspapers and look at pictures of crowded dancing floors.”

The Swedish government had planned to permit up to 500 people to sit down from October 15. But late the move after seeing an increase in cases of the coronavirus. 

The government also suggested that the provisional law requires restaurants and bars to limit congestion and that table service be offered for only five months by May next year. 

Simultaneously, the government wants to change the law so that people are not allowed to sit together to just eight.

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