How Malmö fell out of love with Zlatan Ibrahimovic

He once seemed like a superior hero in his hometown. But will Malmo fans be able to forgive Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s verdict for financing in a rival football club?

The bronze statue of Ibrahimovic in Malmo has been regularly vandalized since it was announced a month ago that he was buying stakes at the Hammarby IF. It is a football club based in the Swedish capital, Stockholm.

In October, just in front of several spectators, outdoor the Malmo FF’s South Stadium – the South Swedish team, where Ibrahimovic started his specialized career in 1999, revealed as an opposing Hammarby.

Around the statue’s neck, a rope was tied. The word “Judas” was heard across the front door of his residence in Stockholm.

When asked by celebrity correspondent TMZ that the star himself has not yet resolved the dispute, he simply said that he “did not see it.”

Ibrahimovic, a 38-year-old son of Bosnian and Croatian, spent his childhood in the Rosen Guard. It is a hard-working neighborhood of Malmö with a large settler inhabitant.

Rosangard is where he kicked the first football, what buildings are collapsing around him. It was also the place where his legend was first faked.

Ivan Milosevic said;

“Not a day goes by when a young man tells me he’s the new Zlatan,” who starred alongside Ibrahimovic in the FBI’s Balkans, where he is now president.

Ibrahimovic has played for different Europe’s top teams. For example, before signing for the US team LA Galaxy in 2018, Amsterdam’s Ajax, AC Milan, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and Manchester United.

According to Johanna Freunden, author of sports with the daily newspaper Aftonbladet;

As one of the best players, the footballer can be well-thought-out the “national public good” in Sweden.

Among young people with an immigrant background, Ibrahimovic has become a symbol. His sarcastic demeanor, individuality, and proud desire are in stark difference to the central morals of humility and politeness. And they are traditionally evident in Lutheran.

Ibrahimovic is the best top scorer for the national team, with 116 games and 62 goals for Sweden.

Hosseinpour said;

“Now Sweden is not just Ikea, Aba, and Meatballs, but Zlatan, Ikea, Aba, and Meatballs.”

Earlier, his fans were ready to forgive the player for everything he did and sometimes strongly defended his controversial statements.

But it was too much to bear for many the investment in a rival club.

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