Covid-19 Update: Sweden bans travel from Norway

According to the Swedish government;

Ton Sunday, there is a travel ban on the entrance from Norway.”

It is to control the threat of the new irregular of coronavirus outburst.

“The ban applies from midnight until February 14 and can be extended if necessary,” Interior Minister Mikael Damberg said at a digital press conference on Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday afternoon, the Interior Minister Michael Demberg informed a digital press conference;

“The ban is in effect from midnight on February 14. It can also be prolonged if required.” 

However, the ban on entry from the UK and Denmark has also been extended to February 14.

Simultaneously, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is renewing its guidance against redundant travel to Norway. The decision is lawful until the next announcement.

Sweden proclaimed a travel ban on Sweden from both Britain and Denmark in December. It is because of the latest format, which was because of originally previous a month.

Exclusions to the government’s announcement are legal for the people who work in Sweden or have the family’s immediate requirements and transport goods.

On Saturday, January 23, the Norwegian government announced a plan of hard limitations in Oslo and nine other cities because of the outburst of a serious spreadable coronavirus variant. This step makes it foremost to be recognized in Britain.

However, this variation is already in Sweden. 

According to the Swedish Public Health Agency;

Up to now, there are about 50 confirmed cases. Mostly confirmed cases are emigrants.

Following the Norwegian government’s pronouncement to travel restriction, the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendation has been followed.

Interior Minister Demberg stated;

“This is an extraordinary announcement, at least not to consider a long land border between countries.”

He further said that it is now a must to carefully act upon expanding how the changed virus has a feast in Norway. He highlighted its ability to perceive the virus changes that were discovered in Sweden. But it needs to be accelerated.

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