Could all passenger traffic to Europe from non-EU countries be halted over Covid variants?

EU leaders will discuss ways to limit the spread of the new COVID-19 alternatives in Europe on Thursday. One suggestion to be considered is a complete prohibition on traveler traffic between non-EU countries and the UK and the EU for restricted eras.

According to a suggestion given by Germany;

The European Union will receive permission to block travelers’ movement from “third countries” where people are exposed to various forms of the virus to protect public health.

If accepted, it would mean that all traveler services between the non-EU, including the UK, which is struggling to cope with the increase in infections and more are being accused of contagious nature, and the EU can be postponed for “limited time.”

According to the proposal;

“Where member states deem it compulsory to defend public health. They may enforce a momentary prohibition on entrance and movement of travelers from [non-EU] countries with different areas of the virus.”

There is already a strict ban on travel between the UK and the EU. Due to the ongoing partial lockdown in the UK. But mostly because the EU has made unnecessary travel to non-EU since March 2020 has been banned.

Individual countries such as France have also imposed stricter rules for travelers from non-EU countries. For example, the United Kingdom, including compulsory negative screening and isolation for all arrivals.

Germany itself has implemented the same steps.

But the German suggestion seeks to limit the “essential travel” exception. That has existed since the first wave of coronavirus epidemics.

These exemptions let travel to EU people or repatriated citizens. It also includes groups like delivery drivers, cross-border employees, ambassadors, and those traveling for “essential family reasons.”

In a controversial move, Germany suggests that any restrictions on passenger traffic could also protect EU citizens. And people living in the country, preventing them from going home.

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