Swedish Skiers Won Two Titles At World Cup In Arosa

The first FIS Ski Cross World Cup tournament was conducted in Arosa, Switzerland on Tuesday. The Swedish athletes David Mobaerg and Alexandra Edebo were the biggest winners.

Both individually beat the men’s and women’s matches under the floodlights. In the men’s grand finale, Mobaerg defeated the Swiss trio of Alex Fiva, Jose Berry, and Jonas Lenhar.

After winning first World Cup, Mobaerg said;

I am very glad. Because it was a superb day. I was fast everywhere. And I had a great feeling throughout the race and the whole competition.

The second Swiss athlete, Lenner, moved closer to Berry in the final. But he failed to overtake his compatriot and finished fourth.

On the women’s side, Mobaerg’s compatriot Edebo also won her first World Cup title.

Edebo immediately came to the pole position to lead the heat when she jumped out of the starting gate. She is just 24-year-old and is famous as the Swedish Viking Princess.

As she was jumping before a negative turn to keep her lead in the line, local skier Fanny Smith attacked a Swedish player. Ultimately, Smith was second and Sami Kennedy Sim of Australia was third.

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