Sweden: The Government fails To Safe the Aged People in the Covid-19 Epidemic

Tuesday, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs released an investigative report regarding the old Swedish people.

According to this report;

”Sweden has failed in its plan to protect the old citizens during the epidemic of the COVID-19. The Sweden Government policies could not hit the required results to save the aged people.”

According to Mattis Mellon;

“There’s no other way to consider how many people died due to the COVID-19 epidemic.”

The National Board of Health and Welfare stated that;

”From March to November, 3,002 people living in long-term care facilities have died. And 1,696 old people living in-home care died due to COVID-19, in Sweden.”

During epidemics, the commission released a provisional report saying that;

“Staff shortages, lack of skills, and unsuitable working environments cause Sweden to fail.”

This report highlights the combination of structural shortcomings and insufficient actions that had made Sweden’s old citizen’s care system unprepared and ill-equipped.

 Further, Mellon said;

“Local governments and private actors share duty for the crisis. Ultimately, current and former governments are answerable for failing to address structural issues.” After a final review of the crisis by early 2022, the commission also wants to submit its second report next year in October.

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