Coronavirus: At This Christmas What Is Doable And What Is Not In Sweden

Christmas shopping: Prefer to shop individually instead of with family.

The government advises people to avoid crowded shops. People should also keep a distance from each other in public places. When you have to go shopping, shop on your own instead of with friends or family.

Travel within Sweden: Follow the safety caution.

The government has made plans for everyone to travel within the country. If the trip is essential, follow the safety caution and try to make it as safe as possible.

It means you should avoid using public transportation if possible‚ÄĒespecially the form of transport where you cannot book a special seat.

Meeting with family: Follow the safety caution.

Sweden has not set an official threshold for the number of people or families to meet on Christmas. But the government has instead asked everyone to visit more than eight close friends or family members throughout the holiday season. You should also have to stick to a small ‘bubble’ of eight close friends.

Church services: Up to eight people are limited

The law is prohibiting public events of more than eight people. That law applies to all church services, including mass, marriages, and baptisms. The only exception where up to 20 people can attend is funerals.

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