77 years old Lawyer and Wrestler Pelle Svensson Has Been Passed Away

The two-time world champion Pelle Svensson is dead at the age of 77 years.

Per Oskar Pelle, Svensson is known as a two World Cup gold medal holder wrestler. He was also the winner of two European Championship golds and an Olympic silver medal. 

In 1950, Svensson, for the first time, put on the tracksuit of AIK. Gradually, this little boy hit the peak of his wrestling career.   

After his retirement, he also started to work as a lawyer.  His law career is related to dealing with the cases of Åmsel killings and the Lindome. 

The Sundsvall’s newspaper stated that;

Recently, Pelle Svensson suffered from dementia and tumor disease. Now he has died after facing a long illness period. 

According to his son;

It’s not easy for them to face this situation mainly; it is horrible to face mental preparedness. We all were with our dad, and it was a tough time for him. He also struggled for life till the last moment. 

Fredrik said all these while speaking to Sundsvall’s newspaper. 

Mrs. Pia Svensson said;

I have wept a lot and could not sleep for nights. It was a tough time for all of us. 

She also tribute her husband while remembering his excellent time with her. 

Pelle Svensson left four children and a wife. 

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